Be careful of handling the gloves if you have just used a hand lotion, it will leave a mark on the lighter coloured gloves if the lotion is very oily.
After wearing, put gloves together flat, do not roll them. Gloves can be cleaned at a dry cleaner which is prepared to take the responsibility of cleaning gloves. This will require a glove iron to reshape the gloves perfectly after cleaning them.

The light luggage can be spot cleaned in the soiled area with a clean damp sponge with a fabric cleaner. The linings inside the bags are waterproof.


Cashmere is a most luxurious and soft natural fibre. All Shaneen Huxham cashmere scarves and gloves are knitted from Italian spun and dyed 100% cashmere yarn. The raw, pure, white cashmere fiber is processed in Italy. The principal source of all cashmere is from the cashmere goats in Mongolia, a province northern China. It is in the spinning and dyeing process where the quality and durability of the yarn is determined. Some of our cashmere scarves and gloves are hand finished.

Scarves and gloves can be hand washed using a gentle liquid shampoo such as a baby shampoo with low acidity, in tepid water. Do not let the item soak in the water. Rinse well by softly squeezing the water out, do not wring the scarves too tightly to remove the water. Roll the item in a towel and squeeze out additional water. Lay item flat on a dry towel to air dry. Hanging them while wet on a hanger or from a rail will result in the scarf stretching. Scarves or gloves can also go onto the ‘spin only’ cycle of a washing machine. Once dry, you can tumble the items at a low temperature for a short time to make the fibers have a lofty appearance again. Use steam from an iron if you feel the scarf requires it.

The items can be dry cleaned but preferably at a cleaner which does not use chemicals in the dry cleaning process. Do tell them the item is 100% good quality cashmere and they should know how to clean it carefully.

Be watchful of moths, moths love cashmere. When storing gloves and scarves during the summer, put them inside a pillow case, not in plastic.
The fibre should be able to adjust to temperatures or humidity and breathe, not be concealed in plastic. Do not add mothballs which has chemicals, rather use pure flower or herb sachets or cedar balls.