The GYROTONIC® EXPANSION SYSTEM is an integrated exercise method taught on 5 pieces of equipment. The various traction via weight on a pulley-system help move the body through circular movements with some resistance opening areas like the shoulders and chest, upper and lower back and hip flexors, the areas that are usually tight or or where stress is carried. Once these areas and the whole body become more flexible, one has increased mobility in all joints and the articulation of multiple joints is smoother.

You strengthen and stretch the musculature while sometimes challenging choreography improves your coordination and reflexes. By moving in connected, rhythmic patterns, the muscles flow smoothly between contraction and extension. Your balance improves because your alignment is corrected, this brings balanced support to the skeletal system. Attention is given all the time to lengthen and spiral the spine to increase flexibility which helps with the undulation of the spine. This is extremely healthy to strengthen major back muscles which support the spine and will prevent bulging or herniated discs between the vertebrae.

Exercises are synchronized with different breathing patterns and done in a rhythmic way creating cardiovascular stimulation.
Derived from the word Gyro, meaning ‘spiral or circle’ and Tonic, meaning ‘tone or invigorate’, this exercise method was developed by Juliu Horvath, a Hungarian who was a classical ballet dancer for the Romanian ballet. He also studied Kundulini yoga, gymnastics, various martial arts and was a keen swimmer. Over a life time, Juliu is still actively involved with improving the GYROTONIC® EXPANSION SYSTEM and GYROKINESIS® methods and at the higher levels it becomes as he calls it, "The Art of Exercise and Beyond".

Bi-weekly lessons using the GYROTONIC® equipment can relieve muscle stress and joint discomfort and leave you feeling invigorated and energetic. The breathing patterns create an inner calmness and are stress relieving, one truly acquires a better sense of well being after a few lessons.

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