BODY CODE® SYSTEM is a kinetic discipline which decodes and corrects movement patterns and aligns and rebalances the musculoskeletal system. The enhanced muscular awareness induced by BODY CODE® SYSTEM is the neurophysiological basis for the …

Particular attention is given to breathing patterns and cardiovascular activity to improve lung capacity and resist fatigue.

Neuromuscular coordination

Developed by Pino Carbone, an Italian who was a classical ballet dancer and who is still actively presenting workshops and courses in Europe, this training method renews the body’s biomechanics.

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Master Stretch are rocker platformed shoes which cultivates über core by establishing your balance with connectivity of the correct muscle groups. The gradual plantar and dorsal flexion of the feet while tilting your body weight backward and forward leads to optimal postural stabilization and therefor, balance.

Fascia, muscles and tendons are slowly elongated and the vertebrae of the spine articulate with arching and curling of the thoracic and lumbar spine in some of the movements. Once supine (lying on your back) with the legs vertical the weight of the Master Stretch shoes opens the lumbar and sacral regions and strengthens hip rotator muscles with the movements.

An excellent method for dancers, gymnasts, equestrians, tennis and golf players, any sport or activity where true balance is of essence but any person can benefit from this way of stretching and strengthening muscles and tendons.

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Elvis the Body Key is a rocker balancing seat which enables the spine to articulate through each vertebra depending on the placement of the Body Key under the spine. Arching the thoracic spine over Elvis stretches the pectorals major which is tight on every person that owns a computer or mobile phone. Using the Body Key under your pelvis, opens the sacroiliac area.

There are harmonious choreographies of movements with specific breathing patterns which unlock tension and deep stiffness in the body. The ultimate challenge is standing on Elvis, slowly bending down and then raising up again or standing on one leg.

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