SHANEEN HUXHAM is a Certified Active Isolated Stretching (AIS) Practitioner based in Manhattan, New York. I have studied directly under the founder of AIS, Aaron Mattes, by taking 2 of his courses conducted by him and I have observed and assisted in his clinic in Sarasota.

I work out of a space conveniently located in midtown Manhattan close to Bryant Park, Sixth Ave & 39th St. I will also make house visits or work out of any facility provided there is a massage table. Not all of the work is done on a massage table;  the other necessary equipment, the Aaron Mattes chair and props, I can take with me to the client’s home or their suggested facility with a massage table.

I am also a Certified Trainer of 2 additional specialized stretching methods, GYROTONIC® Expansion System and BODY CODE System® - Italy.

With 3 modalities of connective and corrective stretching, strengthening and rehabilitation of the body, I can help with improved general health and wellness due to:

  • increased flexibility
  • smoother joint functionality which highly improves the range of movement
  • strengthening of isolated muscles to form more powerful muscle groups
  • fascia elasticity
  • healthier skeleton alignment
  • dominant and non-dominant side imbalances
  • re-training of bad postural habits
  • stress carrying area awareness and release
  • correct and increased breathing capacity
  • increased blood circulation to the extremities
  • invigorated neuromuscular system
  • higher energy level

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